Saturday, October 16, 2004

An Alibi Removed? 
Andrew Sullivan is suggesting one reason to pull for Kerry would be that he "would remove from the Europeans and others the Bush alibi for their relative absence in the war on terror."

That would be nice, except it wouldn't work. Because the Europeans--at least as proxied by France and Germany, are completely and shamelessly craven paragons of moral puppyhood, hobbled all the broken spinelessness of a secondhand soda straw.

Lack of European experts has held up the excavation of mass graves in Iraq, according to an American human rights lawyer working on the investigation.

Greg Kehoe said the experts were not joining in because evidence might be used to sentence Saddam Hussein to death.

God love the Brits, Dutch, Spanish, Poles, Danes, and Bulgarians. But the populations of France and Germany ought to be hiding their faces in their hands in shame right now.

They have lost all claim to the moral heritage of the Enlightenment. They've become a cesspool of legalistic bureaucrats.

No wonder they watched while Srebrenica was sacked.

A new survey finds that Bush is unpopular with European voters.

Fine. Bush remains popular among fighting men.

He need not worry about whether he's popular with dogs.

Splash, out


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