Thursday, September 23, 2004

Poynter Gets a Clue! 
From Poynter Institute columnist Kelly McBride

Journalists can no longer assume the audience will trust the story. Instead, newsrooms will take extra steps to articulate their mission and educate their audience with every story, every day. This is what we did. This is how we did it. This is why you should trust us. We used to hide all this. We didn’t want the competition retracing our steps, tracking down our sources, doing a better story. The mystery of making the news is no longer worth preserving.

Kelly, no "mystery" of making the news was ever preserved except to the detriment of the public. And the only reason the media is waking up to the need for transparency now is because they've been dragged kicking and screaming to it by a series of very public embarrassments.

Nevertheless, McBride is on the leading edge of the awakening to the need for transparency. The future of the news business depends on its credibility, which--for a vastly more educated and savvy news consuming public--depends on transparency. On open-sources.

Open-source journalism is going to lead to a better and more complete product, for the same reason Linux was a superior operating system to Windows for years. Because the American people are not idiots.

McBride is beginning to get it. Unfortunately, there are still some in her comments section who haven't got a clue.

Splash, out


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