Monday, September 20, 2004

Mr. Edwards, a Moment of Your Time? 
"When John Kerry is president of the United States, we will find Al Qaeda where they are and crush them before they can do damage to the American people."

John Edwards

So does this mean the Kerry Administration will repudiate the Clinton policies from 1993 to the end of his administration?

Hypothetically speaking, if you had reason to believe--say, with a 70% probability of certainty--that Iran and Al Qaeda had developed ties and were cooperating on weapons development, would you strike?

Suppose it was 100% certain, and the UN Security Council refused to specifically authorize military action against Iran?

Suppose you were 99% certain that Iran and Al Qaeda were discussing the transferral of radioactive material to Al Qaeda to construct a dirty bomb, probably intended for use in Israel, but only the UK and Israel were willing to commit troops alongside ours. Would that cause you not to strike?

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