Saturday, September 25, 2004

Kerry, Iraq, Ansar al-Islam, and Abu Nidal. 
This is getting tiresome.

Kerry has apparently forgotten the history of Iraq from 1991 through March 2003:

"Iraq is now what it was not before the war, a haven for terrorists."

People, lest we forget: Al Qaeda subsidiary Ansar al Islam was able to operate entire base camps in Iraq before the war. They could operate by the battalion, in the open. They were able to terrorize entire Kurdish cities.

Zarqawi found sanctuary and succor under Saddam Hussein's regime. As did Abu Abbas.

Abu Nidal was responsible for terrorist attacks in 20 different countries. Abu Nidal was responsible for the murders of more than 300 people.

Abu Nidal was sponsored, and sheltered, by Saddam Hussein.

Iraq, Syria, and Libya have all harbored the group and given it training, logistical support, and funding, often using the ANO as guns or hire. Abu Nidal began working with Iraqi intelligence while representing Fatah in Baghdad, experts say. He formed his organization with Iraq’s help and began by attacking Syria and the PLO. In 1983, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein expelled Abu Nidal and his group in an attempt to win American military support for Iraq’s 1980s war with neighboring Iran. Once the war ended, Iraq resumed its support of Abu Nidal.

It is now thought to be based in Iraq, with cells in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

The Commission also noted a series of links between Al Qaeda and Saddam. No, Saddam was not complicit in the 9/11 attacks. Democrats often try to blur the distinction. But the logistical links were there, according to the 9/11 commission, and the two entities were found to be cooperating.

Kerry's assessment of Iraq's known and established ties to terrorism prior to the war is fundamentally false. Iraq was a major sponsor and provided funding, haven and sanctuary for the most notorious terrorists of the late 20th century.

Kerry's lies on this issue are getting old.

Splash, out


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