Thursday, September 16, 2004

Here's another hysterical Democratic charge decisively snuffed out by, well, the facts:

You may recall that some of the folks on the Democratic Underground got their panties in a bunch because George Bush was photographed 30 years ago wearing an outstanding unit award while not a member of a qualified unit.

When those charges came out I wrote that there wasn't any "there" there

I was right. From United Press International:

The Air Force has knocked down allegations by a Web site that said President Bush, when serving as an officer in the Texas Air National Guard, wore a ribbon he was not authorized to wear -- a military offense that could have led to a bad-conduct discharge from the service if true.

The Air Force and the White House last week in interviews with UPI said the allegations were misleading. White House spokesman Trent Duffy referred UPI to the Air Reserve Personnel Center in Colorado where Technical Sgt. Rob Mims is the spokesman.

Mims said the claims were "not true. I verified that (Thursday). Lieutenant Bush received Air Force Outstanding Unit Award while he was in basic training with the 3724th Basic Military Training Squadron at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas."

BAM. Slam dunk.

This bit is lovely:

When contacted by UPI Monday about the Air Force's statements, [Democrats.com founder and source of the discredited claim] Fertik refused to comment.


Now let's see if the media still uses him.

One other point:

The claim wasn't "disputed." The claim was decisively debunked!!!!!!!

So what's with the headline?

Splash, out


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