Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Four More Guard Brigades on the Hook? 
"Beware the twelve division strategy for a ten division Army."
--General Shinseki

General Dan McNeill, the four star general in charge of FORSCOM, or Forces Command, is recommending that four additional national guard brigades be mobilized in the fight against terror, according to Army Times.

The four brigades recommended by McNeill would be in addition to three National Guard brigades currently training for deployment: the 116th Cavalry from Idaho, the 278th, from Tennessee, and the 256th Armored Brigade, from Louisiana.

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Rumsfeld and the Administration had been resisting calls to expand the active duty army, believing an eventual drawdown in Iraq would leave them holding the bag on an additional 40,000 active duty soldiers they didn't need, which would draw scarce dollars away from needed modernization of existing forces.

The 'small army' scenario, though, is getting more and more untenable by the day.

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