Sunday, May 16, 2004

Welcome Canadian Readers! (And the Toronto Star Blows It!) 
For some reason, I seem to have picked up a bunch of Canadian readers in the last couple of days. (I think I just got linked to by a couple of Canadian blogs.

So here's some Canadian content for you.

Antonia Zerbisias, writing for the Toronto Star, is looking down her nose at us troglodyte war bloggers, and even naming names.

But before she looks down her nose at other people, she should have made sure her own factual house is in order.

To wit:

President George W. Bush's folly is a bloody, costly, tragic, world-dividing disaster that has led to more acts of terrorism by more groups.


Worldwide terrorist attacks are actually
down 45% since 2001.

The rest of the column is another flunk-out-of-comp-class mess.

She even mentions her heavyweight boxer boyfriend in an ongoing catfight.

Grow up, Antonia.

Splash, out


P.S.: By the way, you can let The Star know they blew it by writing ombudsman Don Sellar and head of the "Bureau of Accuracy" by calling 416-868-4949, or emailing ombud@thestar.ca

So I've got some Canadian content coming. :)

Splash, out


UPDATE: Looks like Zerbisias has a history of run-ins with the blogosphere. According to Authentic Liberal, Little Green Footballs had already made her look foolish by confronting her with evidence disproving her allegation that a Washington Times writer had fabricated some damning statements from Hezbollah. Other bloggers had furthered her humiliation by confronting her with evidence that certain websites she relied on were actually thinly-veiled Jew-hating sites.

Given how flatly she fell on her face with her claim that the war in Iraq had resulted in "more terrorist attacks from more groups," my favorite quote from her--attributed to her, again, by Authentic Liberal, is this:

"Readers aren't always equipped to know something has been checked or double-checked."

Yeah. Checked. What a concept, huh?

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