Thursday, January 15, 2004

Some Good News 
Compared to September-October, the number of hostile incidents in my brigade's area of the battlefield is down 80% this month.

Khamis Sirhan--a guy we've been closing in on for months--is finally in prison. Probably happily betraying the people who most trusted him, all for a couple of extra cigarettes.

It doesn't take much to turn most of these scumbags. Saddam didn't really attract the kind of people who were motivated by anything like a sense of honor.

And today, in Ar Ramadi, there was a demonstration of over a thousand people--marching on the government center, calling for "free speech, and an end to terrorist attacks."

Perhaps best of all: all of the crowd control was accomplished by the brand new Iraqi Civil Defense Corps police.

We had a presence close by, but it was an Iraqi show.

You gotta walk before you can run. Americans are no different.

They're walking.

Here's to ya, sayeed.

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