Sunday, January 18, 2004

One Year 
Last night, the officers of the 1st Battalion, 124th Infantry Regiment celebrated the successful conclusion of one full year on active duty, with an 'officer's call.'

An 'officer's call' is a gathering together of all the officers in the battalion for a party. In other parts of the world, it generally involves the consumption of alcohol. In this case, though, the best we could do was a couple of cases of O'Doul's and some sodas, and some cakes we bought off the local economy.

I don't drink all that much, anyway. My tolerance went up after a couple of years of playing fiddle in Irish pubs--and all the complimentary beer and Bailey's that entails--but still I get a three day hangover after eating two bowls of rum raisin ice cream.

And the cakes were delicious.

Even better, it was good to see everyone again without having to worry about work for a while. When a unit is in the field, tempers run really high, and arguments can become heated.

It's important to gather everyone together once in a while, relax, and not talk shop--just talk, and remind everyone that everyone else is human.

It felt good, and I reopened a couple of connections. I think we all did.

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