Monday, January 05, 2004

I'm Baaaaaaaack!!! 
Sorry, gang...

Been off the net for a while. All is well, and I haven't stopped writing, but we've had Internet problems galore. Had to come off the locally contracted satellite dish. Which leaves us with the Army's own network. But the Websense program blocks the Admin login page to this site, which means I couldn't update it.

It's KIND of working now, and I've also arranged an end run with a fine writer back in the United States, Mary Beth, who can A.) Post stuff I send her via e-mail, and B.) Hopefully save me from embarrassing gaffes like mispelling "emperor" and leaving it up for a week and a half. Ack!!!!

So please welcome Mary Beth aboard the Iraq Now editorial staff, and thanks for your patience.

Splash, out


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