Saturday, January 17, 2004

A Good Night's Work 
A Good Night’s Work

Looks like some of our recent guests at the 1st Infantry Division, 1st Brigade Combat Team’s “Bed & Breakfast” have been singing like birds, because we had a pretty busy night last night.

We got a nice tip directing us to a compound here in Ramadi, so one of our elements went to knock on the door. It turned out to house a small barracks, with over a dozen adult males, and a significant arms cache buried on the premises:

Anti-aircraft missiles. Anti-aircraft machine guns. Dozens of RPG launchers. Multiple dozens of RPG rounds. .50 calibre machine guns. 60mm mortar tubes. 82mm mortar tubes. Baseplates and tripods for same. It was Christmas come early in Ramadi!


Well, one good turn deserves another. So one of our local Iraqi friends told us “I know about a weapons cache!”

“Yeah, yeah, thanks. We already found it. We’re digging it up right over there.”

“No, no. I know about another weapons cache! I’ll show you!”

So the commander on the ground let him show us. And sure enough, he’s right. We knock on the door and talk to the folks there while our boys start snooping around the yard.

Freshly dug earth usually equals paydirt around here.


More surface to air missiles. Hundreds of mortar rounds. Nearly a hundred RPG launchers of various types. 155mm artillery shells, some of them already primed to go as IEDs. A couple dozen 57mm rockets. Hundreds of meters of det cord. More mortars. Another SA-7 anti-air missile. Detonators. Remote controls. Receivers. Motorcycle batteries. Anchovies. Peppers. Olives. Sheikh-ret sauce. The works.

They stayed out all night, and the engineers were still digging up more stuff this morning.

The boys of Alpha Company have been earning their pay and then some, lately.

Splash, Out


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