Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Good Morning, Miami! 
And welcome aboard!

Kudos to the Miami Herald for drawing some good distinctions, and taking a stand for precise language.

I do have one small quibble--I don't think the term "resistance fighter" is neutral at all. If I were king--or editor of much of anything except this blog--I'd steer my Iraq crew toward the most precise language possible: Former regime loyalists, Fedayeen elements, Saddam loyalists, foreign fighters, Al Qaeda-linked operatives, etc.

If the motivations are unknown, I would steer toward the term "insurgents."

I do agree with the Herald, though, that the term "terrorism" should be reserved for those acts which deliberately target noncombatants.

Splash, Out


(Thanks to Ranting Profs for finding the article before I did. The site's run by a communications professor at Univ. North Carolina. I don't reference too many blogs because bloggers do too much of that, anyway. But if you like the pure-drop 'media junkie' pieces from this site, your very next stop should be Ranting Profs.)

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