Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Admiral Scheer Sticks His Neck Out 
Here's Robert Scheer, again, writing for The Nation:

Yet all this was ignored by the Pentagon intellectuals, who so cavalierly dismissed the warnings of the French and Germans--not to mention many millions of protesters at home and abroad--while convincing themselves that bringing peace and stability to Iraq would be a "cakewalk."

Ok, it was Scheer's decision to put the word "cakewalk" in quotes.

So whom is Scheer quoting? Can anyone give me the name and date of the quote, from a reputable news source? Was he talking about the defeat of the Iraqi army in conventional operations? Or was he specifically referring to 'bringing peace and stability to Iraq,' as Scheer asserts?

Or did we just catch Scheer in a lie?

Splash, Out


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