Friday, December 19, 2003

Rank Ignorance III: The Wall Street Journal 
I can't link to it now, unfortunately. From the Dec. 18th Wall Street Journal (The home of the most predictable editorial page this side of the Washington Times!)

“He handed the news to two junior U.S. military-intelligence [sic] analysts in Tikrit, Lt. Angela Santana, 31, and Cpl. Harold Engstrom, 36, both with Alpha Co., 104th Military Intelligence Battalion.
The two officers say Maj. Murphy’s orders to them were: Figure it out, draw the lines, make me a chart, and find every crucial person related to Saddam.”

Earth to Manhattan: Only one of them was an officer.

A minor point, sure. But if their man on the ground in Iraq doesn’t even know what an officer is, then what else can he be missing?

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