Saturday, May 12, 2012

More on Bullygate 
Mitt Romney shoudn't have cut that kid's hair. That's just awful. Unthinkable. He should have left him in a submerged car to drown to death. Then Democrats would love him!

So, apparently, Mitt Romney was mean to a prissy, petite, hair-obsessed little panty-waist of a sissy boy who responded manfully by crying like a bitch. But enough about John Edwards.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Introducing MilitaryAuthority.com 
Well, I have hardly been posting in recent months, because I've been writing for a living, full-time. And the last thing I do when I knock off work is blog! But in case anyone is still reading, I am happy to announce I am a contributor to MilitaryAuthority.com, concentrating on military topics. My stuff is now going up on a regular basis. So I'll be posting links there from time to time. They're not giving me a byline, for some reason. But if you liked my financial planning and related posts before, you'll find many more of them at MilitaryAuthority.com! Here are some new ones: Roth TSP Brings Tax Planning Opportunity to Deployed Service Members Military Foreclosure Victims May Receive $116,785 http://www.militaryauthority.com/benefits/insurance/life-insurance-and-your-children.html Long Term Care Insurance Considerations for Military Families What's Missing from your Thrift Savings Plan? Portable Careers for Military Spouses Mobilizing! Financial Tips for Military Families There's more on the site, of course, and I'll link to new content as it goes up, as well. And we'll see how things go! Meanwhile, weigh in below, by clicking "Click here to enter the net." Tell me what you want to read about! What is going to help you in your life? Splash, out, Jason

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