Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Will we be using CS gas on the battlefield? 
The Armchair Generalist has an interesting look.

My take: Just win, baby. Gas them enough and they'll surrender without firing a shot. Then you can get intel from them. You can't get as much intel from dead people.

But the first step has to be a full-court press to get in front of the media on this. Absent that, the ignoramuses in the media will conflate tear gas - approved for use against rock-throwing hooligans in Seattle and Texan children on religious whack-job compounds near Waco - with lethal chemical weapons like nerve and mustard gas.

Then we'll be fighting a defensive battle trying to get the thumbsuckers at the NY Times to get the facts right on a story after the fact, while dealing with political fallout at home and abroad.

Don't leave it to the media to get the facts right. Get them out there in spite of them.

Splash, out


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