Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ooops! Dick Cheney outdoes Bob Barr 
I suppose now the left is going to try to find some way to blame this on the Bush-Cheney Administration.

Er, nevermind.

I'll bet most anyone who has been bird hunting has been peppered. I have several times, mostly on my cap because I'm so short. I imagine this incident will be blown all out of proportion, though.
Impeach Cheney!

Oh, and BAN ALL GUNS!!!!!111one


Neocons Adopt Gangland Style Indoctrination...
Bangmaster Cheney Pops Harry "The Quail" Whittington
That's funny, Maj D.

From the Sydney Morning Herald this morning:

Cheney hunts quail and everyone else ducks
ROTFLMAO, jennifer!!

We'll have to add Jason's line about the shooting to our 'Bush Kills Puppies' theme page.
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