Wednesday, January 25, 2006

No prison sentence for Chief Welshofer 
The jury declined to sentence Chief Welshofer to prison for the death of an Iraqi detainee during an interrogation session in November of 2003.

A military jury in Colorado issued a reprimand last night to an Army interrogator who was convicted of negligent homicide for using an aggressive technique on an Iraqi general who died during questioning. Jurors decided not to impose any prison sentence for what originally was charged as a murder.

The lenient sentence for Chief Warrant Officer Lewis E. Welshofer Jr., 43, implies that jurors thought the interrogator should not face serious punishment in connection with the death of Maj. Gen. Abed Hamed Mowhoush, a high-ranking Saddam Hussein loyalist who was believed to have engineered insurgent attacks in northern Iraq along the Syrian border. After Mowhoush's capture in November 2003, Welshofer shoved him into a sleeping bag, wrapped him in a cord and straddled him in a last-ditch effort to get
him to talk. The general stopped breathing during the session.

The Post reporter, Josh White, clumsily tries to draw a contrast between Lynndie England and Chief Welshofer. But the difference is huge: Welshofer was acting officially, using approved techniqes when the detainee died. The Abu Ghraib gang was a bunch of board sadists who had gone off the reservation. The contrast in intent between the two is huge.

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Bored sadists, surely, not board ones... if you're going to quibble about ordnance vs. ordinance, you shouldn't trust your own spelling checker! (Yeah, I know, you don't have the layers of editors that the Times is supposed to have. Still....)
Unless there's such a thing as a board-certified sadist? If not, would a sadist-certification board be a good racket to start?
Hmm-mm. Eric beat me to it. Trouble with making grammer or spelling critisizms is, we all do it. ;) Some are rampant. I cringe every time I see someone say something about “there” stuff or group or whatever. I went to my son’s ceremony when he finished basic. There was a note on the bulletin board with the wrong “there” on it at least three times. That was not a good example for the new recruits. (Just remember, it is either HERE or THERE; it is THEIR only if it is THEIRS.) No; I am an engineer.
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