Friday, July 02, 2004

Poles Find 12 More Chemical Shells 

Compare this with Hans Blix's statement:

"I think that the vast majority of people are feeling that there is very little likelihood that they had anything, and the biggest chance is that they destroyed them in 1991."


Or from the Daily Scotsman:

BRITISH intelligence officers learned on the eve of the Iraq war that Saddam Hussein had not assembled his chemical weapons and it was highly doubtful if he could deploy any within 45 minutes.

Now, how would they learn that, when we now know it wasn't true--that these weapons WERE assembled. Indeed, they don't even require assembling.

Either these 12 chemical shells, plus the others which have been used against coalition troops, belonged to Saddam Hussein and his army, or they did not.

If they did belong to Hussein, and were under his control, then Saddam was clearly in material breach of the UN security council resolutions, the intelligence that he had them was correct, and the war was justified on those grounds.

If they did NOT belong to Hussein, then he was giving them away to militia groups and terrorists, Iraq was indeed becoming a WMD bazaar, chem shells were bound to fall into Al Qaeda hands, and the invasion was a no-brainer.

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