Monday, February 16, 2004

Honoring the Fallen, Quietly 
Every so often, I come across an piece of military writing so deftly written, with such masterful and restrained prose, that I kick myself in the behind, since I don't know if I'd ever be able to write that well in a zillion years.

This article, a guest column from a U.S. Army warrant officer currently serving with the Old Guard in Washington D.C., is one such article.

Unfortunately, you'll have to pay $2.95 to read it.

It's worth it.

Splash out,

Update: An alert reader sent me a link to a free (read: plagiarized) version of the article someone posted on a bulletin board.

I'm still trying to sort out the ethics of linking to plagiarized content.

I try hard to stay within fair use guidelines and copyright law. I know I've gotten ticked when I've seen my own stuff on other people's sites without attribution or link.

But does linking to a site mean I'm a party to theft of intellectual property?

Not sure, but I won't post the link here yet, just the same. It's only $2.95, or you can get the hardcopy version of the February 2nd edition of US News and World Report

The author's name is Jonathan Evans.

You wanna read a plagiarized version, you're on your own.

Splash, out


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