Monday, February 02, 2004

France and Russia Watch: Score One for the NeoMarxists 
The intransigence of France and Russia re: Iraq just might have something to do with this:

Russia: The Russian state itself received 1,366,000,000 barrels. The list also included the following:

Companies belonging to the Liberal Democratic Party received 79.8 million barrels - t he list notes the name of party president Vladimir Zhirinovsky. The Russian Communist Party received 1 million barrels. The Lukoil company received 63 million barrels. The Russneft company received 35.5 million barrels. Vladimir Putin's Peace and Unity Party received 34 million barrels - the list notes the name of party chairwoman Saji Umalatova. The Gazprom company received 26 million barrels. The Soyuzneftgaz company received 25.5 million barrels - t he list notes the name Shafrannik. The Moscow Oil Company received 25.1 million barrels. The Onako company received 22.2 million barrels. The Sidanco company received 21.2 million barrels. The Russian Association for Solidarity with Iraq received 12.5 million barrels. The Ural Invest company received 8.5 million barrels. Russneft Gazexport received 12.5 million barrels. The Transneft company received 9 million barrels. The Sibneft company received 8.1 million barrels. The Stroyneftgaz company received 6 million barrels. The Russian Committee for Solidarity with the People of Iraq received 6.5 million barrels - the list notes the name of committee chairman Rudasev. The Russian Orthodox Church received 5 million barrels. The Moscow Science Academy received 3.5 million barrels. The Chechnya Administration received 2 million barrels. T he National Democratic Party received 2 million barrels. The Nordwest group received 2 million barrels. The Yukos company received 2 million barrels. One Russian company which phonetically reads as Zarabsneft received 174.5 million barrels. Vouchers were also granted to the Russian foreign ministry, one under the name of Al-Fayko for 1 million barrels, and one to Yetumin for 30.1 million barrels. T he Mashinoimport Company received 1 million barrels. The Slavneft Company received 1 million barrels. The Caspian Invest Company (Kalika) received 1 million barrels. The Tatneft Tatarstan company received 1 million barrels. The Surgutneft company received 1 million barrels. Siberia's oil and gas company received 1 million barrels...

France: The French-Arab Friendship Association received 15.1 million barrels. Former French Interior Minister Charles Pasqua received 12 million barrels. [4] Patrick Maugein of the Trafigura company received 25 million barrels. Michel Grimard, founder of the French-Iraqi Export Club, received 17.1 million barrels.

Of course, if there's the merest hint of a U.S. company actually profiting from an intervention on behalf of the free flow of oil at market prices--no matter how stretched the argument, you'll hear all over the place how American policy has been corrupted by Big Oil.

But now that we have evidence that France and Russia were whoring out their foreign policy for a dallop of oil in the commodities market, the silence from the orthodox left is deafening.

Nothing on The Nation. Nothing on Salon. Nothing on Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo. Nothing on the New York Times. (The link is to a list of all recent Iraq-related headlines. Nothing on the Oil Bribes.)

(ABC picked it up, though.)

Actually, ABC devoted four web pages to it. Two days ago.

Where is the Times?

Where's David Corn?

Where are the neoMarxists? I mean, here's a golden opportunity to illustrate economic determinism in action. Big Oil selling out the interests of the Arab people, and manipulating the foreign policies of entire nations, all for a little bit of keshbesh.

It's textbook.

But even the World Socialist Website is AWOL on the topic so far (though they did write this one up last summer, and oh, gosh, look who shows up again: None other than the former French Interior Minister Charles Pasqua--the same Charles Pasqua who's implicated on the Oil Voucher bribe list above.)

Where's the follow-up, guys?

How come you're not as hungry for this as you are about the nonstory about the intelligence commission appointment?

Splash, out


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