Saturday, January 10, 2004

Letters, Lord do I Get Letters! 
Thought I'd take a break today and share a few emails I get from people. I can't thank them enough for writing, and for reading. I wish I could answer all of them. Unfortunately, the Web is slow, and I have to work very fast most of the time.

Some highlights follow:

I guess I just can't imagine the Secretary of Defense condoning these anti
US statements by a Military officer on active duty.The practice in the past
was for Officers to shut up and conform or resign before they started
bitching about their country. I've written to Secretary Rumsfeld, and
I have also asked Congressman Pete Sessions , and Senators Cornyn and
Hutchinson for an inquiry.

Hey, word of mouth is the best advertising! IraqNow welcomes four new readers. :)

I must say, that "Anti U.S." is, umm, a pretty novel characterization of the site. Not sure what he's referring to specifically. But thanks very much for reading, and for the plug.

"Stub," a USAF Ops officer in Wyoming, says he has Armored Humvees there, and wrote in with the GM Part number for seatbelt extenders. (It's 5743858, code 1248530. Unit price $54.06.

No word on why it is we still have armored Humvees zipping around Wyoming while I'm still sending guys out on convoys in the canvas-topped model. But we're making progress fast! (we now have replaced canvas doors with metal ones on all our vehicles, and have 'Armox' armor panels installed on many of our other vehicles. A big improvement over what we had just two weeks ago!)

It turns out that that hardening these trucks is nothing new--the Transportation Corps did it in Viet Nam (link courtesy of Charles Sims and the Army Transportation Association.

See? The wheel's already been invented. A little institutional memory goes a long way, folks!

Many of you have written asking me to address Healing Iraq's story about an alleged murder of a young Iraqi man by U.S. soldiers.

I have to say I'm going to stay out of that one--not because I'm nervous about taking a stand one way or another. I just don't feel I have anything useful to add to that story that others haven't touched on already. I've got no unique experience that will help anyone back home, and I don't know the geography in Baghdad. I'm skeptical, and Instapundit.com has anthologized some other bloggers on some good reasons to be skeptical. But I'll just let the investigation play itself out, as it should.

I haven't seen the major media pick it up, yet. Which tells me they're skeptical, too. No one wants to be the first major media outlet with yellowcake all over their face.

Several have written saying the font size is too small.

Click 'view' and then 'text size' on the Explorer Browser and you should be able to fix that.

Thanks for all you've written--for all your many news tips, suggestions, corrections, and criticism! I look forward to hearing more from you!

Splash out,

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