Wednesday, January 21, 2004

It's Worse Than I Thought--Personal Finance Coverage II 
Email of the day from a diligent reader:

A guided news search of all Business and Finance news sections of the past two years uncovers....nothing. Even if I use only the terms "combat tax exclusion" in the full text search.....nada. A search of the previous TEN years? You guessed it.

"Combat exclusion", however, yielded (count 'em) ONE result.

And it so happens that that one hit was from the Denver Post. March 16th, 2003. Business section.

Sorry I don't have a link to the whole article.

And even that article got it wrong.

(The article missed the combat zone tax exclusion ENTIRELY, focusing instead on an obscure clause in the Soldiers and Sailor's Relief Act that allows deployed soldiers to defer paying tax settlements if their mobilization causes them to fall behind on taxes already due.)

I don't expect the NY Times or Money or Kiplinger's to devote a ton of column inches to military financial pages. But what about the Washington Post, with all those Pentagon and Norfolk readers? What about the Honolulu Advertiser? San Diego? Seattle? Savannah? You've all got major dailies, and major military installations within your circulation areas. Why are all of you blowing it?

An appalling record of coverage across the board.

But it's not too hard to figure out why:

Editors, reporters, and publishers: how many veterans are working your business/finance desks?

Splash, Out


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