Saturday, January 31, 2004

The Blessing 
HHC took two wounded today.

A motorcycle-borne bomb went off near a passing convoy. Both men will be just fine--their wounds were very minor.

The blast shattered both windshields on one of our vehicles.

Update: Peter Guinta covers the story here.

On the passenger side windshield, there is a perfectly round indentation into the glass about as big around as a man's fist. The hole was created by one of the motorcycle's gear mechanisms, sent screaming toward the window--and the soldier behind it--from the force of the explosion.

The piece of shrapnel did not fully penetrate and completely blow out the windshield, though; the glass at the impact point was held in place by a single 4 in. x 6 in. photograph of another soldier's family.

Had it not been for the photograph, the windshield would have shattered completely, and the passenger's face and eyes would have been flayed with pulverized glass.

Had it not been for the photograph. Had it not been for SFC M.'s wife and daughters.

See what a blessing you are?

Splash, out


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