Monday, January 05, 2004

Attn: Suckholes at the UK Guardian 
I was originally going to post a link to this UK Guardian article listing the casualties of the war among the media—under a heading like “They Also Serve,” or something like that. That is, until I came across this contemptible lie:

The killing of Reuters cameraman Mazen Dana, who was shot dead by US troops in August for filming outside an Iraqi prison, provoked outrage. Journalists who were with Dana accused US soldiers of behaving in a "crazy" and negligent fashion.

Here's a news flash for you guys: Mazen Dana was killed when he went downrange during a firefight, turned around, hefted something on his shoulder, and foolishly aimed it in the direction of a tank’s gunnery optics.

For The Guardian to use the construction “shot dead by US troops for filming outside an Iraqi prison,” implicitly alleging that the shooting was, in effect, calculated murder, is quite simply beyond the pale of responsible journalism.

The Guardian should be ashamed of itself.

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