Saturday, December 20, 2003

Military Speak: Documenting Military Abuse of the English Language 
I’m keeping a running list of misuses of the English language out here—especially by leaders.

My favorites, so far:

“We don’t want any fragmacide.”

“We’re too laxadatial on this issue.”

“What is your current location at this time, over?”

Battalion Operations Officer: “Were expecting a platoon of Moldavians and a company of Azerbaijanis within two weeks.”

Company commander: “Where are they from?”

(scratching head) “It behooves the hell out of me.”

“These mosquitoes are driving me crazy! I gotta get one of those salmonella candles.”

“You guys are screwing me over! I’m going to wind up getting a letter of recommend!”

“Hey, anybody! What does CBT stand for?” (In THIS context, it stands for “Combat Bridge Team.”)

I'll keep you posted!


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