Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Civil/Military Projects Key to Ar Ramadi 
If it bleeds it leads, goes the journalism proverb. But there’s a lot more going on in Ar Ramadi than fighting. Here’s a snapshot of some of the urban renewal projects currently being coordinated by the 1st Battalion, 124th Infantry in Ar Ramadi, Iraq.

-The repair of the ‘River Road,’ a commonly used bypass along the Euphrates River on the north edge of the town.

-1 Remodeled/upgraded fire station

-We’ve provided significant remodeling and improvements to 17 schools. So far, we’ve delivered 1,000 sets of school supplies and backpacks to kids in two different schools in Ar Ramadi.

-17 mosques received $1,500 each toward remodeling and repairs. Our own people verify that the work was done before contractors are paid.

-We’ve renovated or are in the process of renovating 7 police stations.

-We’ve spent almost $10,000 on equipment for police special investigations unit.

-Funding is approved for a new prison facility in Ar Ramadi. Still trying to figure out a location, though. NIMBY is a universal phenomenon.

-Ar Ramadi General Hospital and Ar Ramadi Women’s and Children’s Hospital have received $100,000 each for repairs and upgrades. (Laborers get about $5 a day around here. So $100,000 is more money than it sounds like.)

-We’ve renovated eleven different health clinics around town.

-Made renovations and needed repairs to the Sofia Water Treatment Plant.

-1 Bank is being remodeled.

-We’ve bought $10,000 in paint for an Iraqi-run graffiti eradication program.

-We’re assisting local officials in making needed repairs to an amusement park downtown, complete with a full-sized Ferris wheel.

-My radiotelephone operators are busily inflating dozens of soccer balls as we speak. These will be distributed to area schools and playgrounds in the next few days.

Splash, out.


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