Saturday, December 06, 2003

Blogger of the Day 
At the risk of feeding the vicious circle of bloggers quoting endlessly from other bloggers, I thought this was a great sentiment:

From Ranting Profs...

Do you really think that stories like these about what Iraq was like before the war were unavailable before the war? Do you really think American reporters didn't know where they were living? Every time they did a "man in the street" interview with a citizen of Baghdad, and didn't remind us that there was a government official standing right off camera recording that Iraqi's names and comments, every time they covered a "peace march" and didn't tell us that they knew it was a choreographed exercise, they covered up the truth. These are the people we rely on to bear witness for us. And if we forget the quality of work we got out of them then, we let them off the hook.

You bet I'm still mad about it.

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