Friday, November 14, 2003

What Seems to be the Problem, Officer? 
The boys brought in three yesterday. They were riding around in their car at two in the morning with a briefcase full of wire, tape, cell-phone parts (sometimes used to complete firing circuits in IEDs. You wire a cell phone motherboard to the IED, dial the number, and ka-BOOM!), wire cutters, and what looks like a cheap 9mm pistol but is really a lighter instead. I’ll never understand why they carry things like that around.

Oh. They also had a 155mm artillery round in the trunk.

One of them, it turns out, was an English teacher. He wasn’t very talkative, though. Well, he didn’t say anything when I started telling him how stupid he was. I’m sure he had figured it out already on his own. I mean, here’s a guy who has a skill which can really help Iraq get back on its feet, and help people to a better life: Introduce them to an international language of commerce.

Presumably, he also provided for a wife and children.

But instead of doing that, he’s going to be spending years staring at a concrete wall and dying for a smoke.

What a waste.

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