Saturday, November 29, 2003

The 'Soldier' vs. 'Marine' Trap: People Blows It 
According to People Magazine, in his new book Because Each Life is Precious, Mohammed Odeh al-Rehaief “reveals for the first time the dramatic tale of how he risked his life to tip off U.S. Marines, who staged a commando raid, airlifting [Jessica] Lynch to safety the night of April 1.”
--October 27th, 2003 issue, People. Pg. 81.

(Ok, like I said--mail is slow here, mmmmkay!??)

Al Rehaief did tip off a USMC unit, but it was primarily U.S. Army soldiers, not Marines, who took direct part in the rescue operation.

Again, this is something any veteran on the People Magazine editorial staff could have spotted and corrected.

So how many veterans do you have in the Rockefeller Center offices of People Magazine?

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