Friday, November 21, 2003

Soldier Killed in Ramadi 
Story here.

I can't release his name until I confirm that his family has been properly notified. I've heard there are rumors back home that it was a member of the 1-124th Infantry. I can confirm it was not a Hurricane Battalion member.

1-124th Infantry medics were among the first responders to the scene. The soldier died quickly. The two wounded should be ok. One may require surgery on his elbow.

The boys are eager for some payback, and we did get some payback a short time later, and the 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division actually captured a long sought-after mortar that had been used to harrass our positions around here. Nevermind how we got it.

Even better, one of its crew members is-well-no longer a problem.

Still, says one of our soldiers who was at the scene within a few minutes of the blast, "I want to see some haji corpses."

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