Wednesday, November 26, 2003

So I Met Christianne Amanpour Yesterday... 
She was travelling with a CBS Crew from 60 Minutes II, here to do a story on our civil-military operations with the local authorities. I'll gather some facts soon and publish an itemization of what we're doing with the community, in conjunction with the cities imams, chiefs, sheiks, etc.

I chatted with her very briefly. Just long enough to mention to her I was a journalist, too, in the real world. A financial journalist, more precisely, here for my sins. And more importantly, to tell her I admired and respected her work, going back to when she first made her name covering Bosnia.

A couple of things struck me about her.

1. She's very personable and gracious in person, and quick with a smile. She was happy to pose for some photos with soldiers, too.

2. She's far more attractive in person than she is on camera. I don't think the camera is very flattering to her. And the dead serious subject matter she usually covers means you don't get to see her laugh or smile very often.

3. Her backup crew was very careful to check facts. Unit designation. Rank. How do you spell the last name? Spell it again? Is this a brigade, or battalion? It's good to see this kind of attention to detail on the front end. It bodes well for the rest of the report.

4. She was extremely demanding with her crew, even though they weren't her usual CNN crew. These guys were on a budget. CNN will come by later with a carrier battlegroup's worth of high-dollar SUVs. See, that's what shareholders don't know. What really killed AOL Time Warner share prices over the last three years was the slathering of money on fancy scud-stud SUV caravans.

Anyway, they're going to sneakernet the tape back to the United States where they edit the show. No telling for sure when it will air, but the producer thinks you should be able to see it on 60 Minutes II around the third week of December.

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