Thursday, November 20, 2003

Ourselves As Others See Us II 
Tired of getting Iraqi views in sound bytes?

Introducing Baghdad Burning, a witty and revealing look at the occupation and the Iraqi Government Council, written by a female college student in Baghdad.

I'm humbled. And I think her passages about the cultural gap which exists between western troops and the people of Iraq should be required reading for soldiers about to deploy out here.

One money graf:

There's a complete and total lack of communication between the Council members and the people- they are as inaccessible as Bremer or Bush. Their speeches are often in English and hardly ever to the Iraqi public...

We need *real* Iraqis- and while many may argue that the Council members are actually real Iraqis, it is important to keep in mind that fine, old adage: not everyone born in a stable is a horse. We need people who aren't just tied to Iraq by some hazy, political ambition. We need people who have histories inside of the country that the population can relate to. People who don't have to be hidden behind cement barriers, barbed wire and an army.

Bonus: Traditional Iraqi Ramadan Recipes!

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