Sunday, November 23, 2003

One Soldier Wounded in Ar Ramadi 
He'll be fine. Mortar attack. The first report was that we needed to evac a litter urgent. As I've written here, though, first reports are almost always wrong. Once we got him in the aid station and cleaned him up, our surgeon could see that it was a matter of some stitches. He was evaced routine, and he should be back with us shortly. I'll be able to visit him tomorrow.

We weren't able to get any counterbattery fire today. No radar acquisition. This mortar crew is good.

You probably won't hear about it in the news. We don't have a hotel full of reporters right down the road like they do in Baghdad. There are no scud studs hanging around here right now. Two informed sources tell me that the 82nd Airborne Division Public Affairs office has alienated or ticked off a lot of news agencies, so it will be interesting to see who covers this area and how.

This battalion has taken several wounded this week alone from mortar attacks and a couple more from IEDs. All of them will be ok. The picture you get in the press is distorted, though, because you never hear about the wounded in the press unless a soldier dies in the same incident.

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