Sunday, November 16, 2003

Must Read from the New York Times 
John F. Burns has this superb piece today.

Money quote:

One thing that draws common assent among Americans and Iraqis is Saddam Hussein. While the bombers seem to want him back in his palaces, virtually everybody else wants to see him dead — captured first, tried by an Iraqi court, then executed for his crimes.

Taken as a whole, the piece is balanced, and accurate. Segments like the above are contextualized with the many challenges the US faces. He's honest about some of our mistakes.

Above all, though He gives the Iraqis a voice. He really captures the flavor of what I've seen on the ground. He makes the story seem human. Believe me, it is.

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for pointing out the article, and making sure I read it before going to bed.

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