Sunday, November 16, 2003

Lack of Newsroom Diversity Clobbers Time 
Here's where the absence of veterans in the subculture of professional journalism hurts Time Magazine.

From the same article:

Resistance [sic] fighters have begun to favor rpgs [sic], which are aimed by eye and, unlike missiles, don't alert the helicopter that it is being tracked. This means the targeted chopper will not fire the flares that draw heat-seeking missiles away from the aircraft.

Now, class--what's wrong with this logic? Think looooong and hard!

Were there no vets in the mid-town Manhattan Time-Life building office who could have caught this?

Well, how about at the Washington D.C. Bureau? They couldn't have hired a veteran?

Oh, I forgot. The only qualified veteran around Fort Lee, Fort Belvoire, Fort Eustice, Annapolis, and the Pentagon itself must have been hired by the Washington Post.

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