Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Greenwald on Spitzer 
Who cares if someone not your spouse hires prostitutes?

Here's who should care: Every one in the state who relies on the fair enforcement of law. The bottom line is that the chief executive of the state left the door wide open to blackmail.

Unless Greenwald is so naive to think that the organized crime ring that ran the prostitution business had no other interests, nor had any reason to sell that information to another actor who would be willing to use the information to blackmail the governor.

This is true whether or not you believe that prostitution should be legalized.

Oh, and Greenwald's a dolt. He's a lawyer? Anyone can see this.

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And given that Spitzer prosecuted at least one other prostitution ring, it might give the appearance that he was busyily eliminating some competition via a totally legitimate method.

Not to mention being a total idiot. And Spitzer is a lawyer, too. Isn't he?
I had a friend from France who said the exact same thing years ago about Monica and Bill. Any politician who leaves the door open to blackmail isn't really thinking about the good of the citizens. Is that opinion sufficiently nuanced?
Jason, he's not a lawyer so much as a political hack. He's written three books solely for the purpose of bashing the Bush administration. To see him defending a phillandering democrat politician caught with something in the candy jar is far from surprising. I'm sure his story would be different if the politician was registered with a different party.

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