Thursday, March 01, 2007

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. 
From the Accidental Press:

WASHINGTON - While Democrats try to restrict how President Bush can spend the $100 billion he wants for Iraq, they also hope to load his measure up with $10 billion in add-ons -- from aid for Great Plains farmers to help for children lacking health insurance and better levees in New Orleans.

The expected battle with the White House over the add-ons is getting far less attention than debate over Iraq, but it could reveal a lot about how much Democrats will be able to rewrite the president's budget later this year.

Bush has yet to veto a spending bill, and Democrats are gambling he'll sign the Iraq measure despite objections to spending he didn't seek. Republicans, meanwhile, would be reluctant to vote against the package since it contains funds for U.S. troops overseas.

Both Democrats and Republicans are pushing extra spending into the war funding bill as they seek to advance pet projects that likely would fail if advanced on their own.

The White House is upset.

As they should be.

Here's the real headline: Congress Holds Troops and War Effort Hostage to Pork Barrel Spending.

They are absolutely shameless.

Splash, out


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