Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I know you can't cover everything. But here we are weeks into the Jamil Hussein scandal, and the Poynter Institute, the premier community site for journalism, hasn't even mentioned him on their website yet.


That's a journalistic blind spot you can drive a tank through.

They're even behind Editor and Publisher.

broken link.

Which reminds me...is this Eason Jordan thing atoning for past sins, or amoral cynicism?
Well, Jason, at least Britt Hume briefly mentioned CNN's work at trying (and failing) to locate Hussein on his show last night, so that's two outlets interested.
I’m not surprised. I used to be surprised that I wasn’t surprised, but even that’s wearing off.

My disenchantment with so-called "mainstream" (print and broadcast) journalism began almost twenty years ago, when I first became interested in firearms and firearm issues. I quickly realized that the mainstream coverage of guns, gun control, crimes committed with guns, etc., was overwhelmingly ignorant of technical issues, lazy, agenda-driven and mendacious.

I’d hoped that the subject of guns was an exception; a cultural blind spot in the newsroom. Boy, was I wrong.

I started to ask, “If they can’t get that right, what else are they screwing up?” It’s been downhill ever since.
I gave up on Poynter when Maj Bateman was commenting on there and the responses to his comment were that he was obviously biased and also did not know what the media did in Baghdad. In other words a major officer stationed in Iraq and commenting on what was going on in Fallujah did not know what he was talking about obviously while the reporters for the MSM sitting in Baghdad in the Green Zone knew exactly what was going on and were reporting the truth. That told me exactly what to expect from that group.

They are also very strongly behind the concept of the reporters getting a special pass on what they report as a first amendment right. They should not be required to back up what they say. That just plain frosted me totally because if the reporter is not willing to back up what he says then what value should we put on his reporting. Hiding behind unnamed sources all the time and even supporting the obviously photoshopped pics from Lebanon and other places is not adequate proof to me of what the reporters are saying and I just have to discount them totally.
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