Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Michael Yon on the Enemy 
These are the people to whom the Democrats wish to abandon the Iraqis:

The enemy follows different rules. Any attempt to explain the fate of two of our soldiers who were captured by terrorists in 2006 south of Baghdad would defy decency. It should suffice as coda that the enemy rigged their tortured and mutilated bodies with explosives. CSM Mellinger said that Iraqi forces had just caught one of the perpetrators and handed him over to our people. I asked if we were going to turn him back over to the Iraqis. The CSM said firmly, “We don’t give back people who kill Coalition Forces.”

Then he told me a story about a courageous and respected Iraqi commander who’d accompanied his patrols all over Iraq for nearly a year. When the dead body of this same Iraqi commander was brought into the morgue, doctors found gruesome signs of torture. His legs were beaten by planks of wood. A drill had been used to bore holes into all of his ribs, his elbows, his knees, and into his head. Doctors estimated the man endured this torture for days. Apparently when the fun was over, or they’d extracted what they needed, or the terrorists were worried about being discovered, or they had another victim waiting for their attentions, they shot him. CSM Mellinger, with just a momentary flash of anger in his eyes, said the Iraqi forces know who did this, and it’s only a matter of time. But time bends when every day in Iraq brings with it a hundred new stories of murder, torture and bodies scattered by bombs.

Yon also makes a backhanded smack on our media:

This does not look like a big or intense war to people at home. It doesn’t look like that because we have so few troops actually in combat. But for those who are truly fighting, this is a brutal death match where every mistake can get them killed, or make worldwide headlines. Yet when the enemy drills out eyes or tortures people with acid, it never resonates.

Go ahead and google torture images in Iraq. Slice the search terminology any way you like. You will come up with a hundred images of Abu Ghraib, or abuses by Iraqi police. But even though we see news reports of bodies showing signs of torture turning up in Baghdad on a daily basis, you will not see those images leaked, unless you go to not safe for work shock photo sites that deliberately seek them out.

But their purpose is to titillate, not to draw the sadistic, beastial nature of our enemies into stark relief.

The result is a seriously morally deranged perception of the nature of our enemy and the consequences that would follow if we abandon Iraq to these wolves.

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Yeah, whatever. Where's my free health care? Bring the troops home now, etc. Hey, did you hear what Rosie said about the Donald?
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