Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What the hell...More fiddle blogging!!! 
This is wonderful tune called the Shoemaker's Daughter, which I learned from the playing of Maeve Donnelly - though I don't have it wired yet.

I hadn't realized it was an Ed Reavy tune...but that's even more of a reason to learn it.

Very precise. Controlled bow, with good articulation. The ornaments never detract from the tune itself. I like this player.

you know, when you talk like this I just nod my head in agreement as if I can relate exactly to your descriptions. It's like listening to talks about architecture or a wine analysis that includes "distant yet precocious."

They's some good fiddle players, though. But what do I know?
I don't know much about fiddle music (as opposed to say, chamber music) but my wife brought home a CD called "On the Radio" by a young fellow named Brendan Carey Block, that is absolutely hypnotic.

Jason, if you're familiar with Mr. Block, would you render an opinion about his place in the fiddle pantheon?

Also, did you take a fiddle to the sandbox? If so, was it your "good" one, or do you have a "combat fiddle"? (I played 'cello and string bass; instruments not exactly suitable for field use or stashing in the ruck to play around the campfire, ha ha.)
That's a lovely tune, I think I'll have to work on it some. Do you know who the player in the vid is?

To the comment above mine, I'm glad you enjoyed my music, it is quite a thrill to hear about my EP popping up here and there.

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