Monday, September 04, 2006

Those pesky Jews aren't dying fast enough for Europeans 
So the Europeans are doing their best, in small ways, to undermine Israeli self defense.

According to Regev, El Al flights bearing heavy loads that arrive from U.S. bases "are not given approval by European states to make stopover landings for refueling, for political reasons.

"As a result, cargo planes are taking off from the U.S. with much lighter weight, and are reaching Israel with significantly fewer munitions than needed."

According to the chief of the El Al Pilot's union, those states include Germany (natch), Italy, and even the UK. (Thanks, Tony!)

It hurts to see the UK up there. I thought we could trust them. Maybe not.

Political reasons?


Splash, out


Hat tip: Little Green Footballs

SSDD. Very similar responses from western European nations in '48 and '73. I suggest that while most Euro leaderships harumph politely that Israel has a right to exist and to defend itself, they frown and decline to extend the least assistance - even to permit refuelling or overflight - to Israel whenever combat ensues. That's not indifference. It's hinderance, and indicative of an institutionally antagonistic attitude.
Israel should fight its own battles with its own weapons. The U.S. has no business restocking their arsenal. We should be neutral in the Middle East.
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