Sunday, September 10, 2006

Saddam had an agent in Associated Press 
A few details here. So far it seems that the AP spy wasn't spying on anyone besides AP. But in any case, it's clear that AP had someone corrupt within its ranks in Iraq. Who was he? Who had access to that story before it ran?

Will AP track down who it was?

Via Little Green Footballs

If Israel can be expected to spy on the U.S., as one of your readers pointed out, then shouldn't Saddam have been expected to have his spies, too? Countries follow their own interests, right?
Of course they do. That not relevant, though.

The question here concerns the AP more than Saddam's Iraq. Do they care that their employees are being corrupted and used as intelligence sources by governments? I certainly hope so, but don't hold out much hope that we'll see much action taken to correct the situation. Just yet another chip at the integrity of our media congolmerates.
If Jason and his amen chorus don't care about the integrity of the U.S. with respect to Israel's spies, I find it curious that they'd get upset about the Associated Press, whose integrity would seem to be rather small potatoes by comparison.
Jason, the real question is when will the AP purge the other 2000 or so reporters working for Iraqi insurgents, the Taliban, Al Queda, Hamas, Syria, Iran, and just about every other anti-American organization in the mideast?

Oh, and, "Annonymous" - if that's your real name - I'm all for prosecuting any foreign spies, regardless of their country of origin.
Yeah, Maj D, ma named me "Anonymous." Tell me, is every "Maj" as stupid as you are? God, I hope not. Anyway, if you're for prosecuting the spies then what about AIPAC, which is a nest of spies for Israel? Shouldn't they at least register as foreign agents?
No. I oppose all initiatives to require the registration of foreign agents.

Registering foreign agents is just a precuror to confiscating them.

From my cold, dead hands, anonymous. From my cold, dead hands.
Hey, anonymous, if that is, in fact, your real pseudonym, did you fight in the war and get your sense of humor blasted off in a tragic attack involving a falafel wagon and a fried goat testicle vendor with some unfortunately moist goat testicles? Or were you just born without a sense of humor?
Don't feed the troll.

At least some trolls entertaining. This one is tiresome.

In fact, this one is so banal, tone-deaf, passive-agressive-insulting and predictable I'm beginning to think it isn't a person at all, but some kind of graduate-level project in artificial intelligence that generates provocative comments-like those spam-bots that sometimes fill up the comments section with ads for work-at-home schemes and online casinos.
Damn...Rocinante's almost on to me, too! :-)
"Lie & deny" can work for quite a while. Then suddenly it stops working. Just wait.
Oh, sure, Rocinante. Just try to deny that Israel and the World Bank are behind the troll we know as "anonymous." If that's so, then what about the freemasons and their role in the fall of Constantinople? I guess if lie and deny doesn't work, you'll just use silence and ultraviolence, or tropes with popes, or some other rhyming/alliterative combination of words to explain it.

Hah. I didn't think you'd have an answer for that one. ;->
"Just wait". That's what they always say.

Somehow it never turns quite the way they're sure it will, but they're never wrong. It's just that it was "suppressed" and everyone else is duped.

I wish I was that special.
Actually, Al, I have it on very good authority (the Ascended Masters, but you didn't hear it from me) that DuPont really *isn't* behind the criminalization of hemp (for food, fuel and health!).

The occult committe of Masons and Nazis that run NASA (you know, the ones who faked the moon landing) have concluded that the chromosome damage from long-term marijuana use threatens the quality of human stock available for their alien-hybrid breeding program, so they paid our Jewish masters - in the blood of gentile children, of course - to have marijuana outlawed.
Y'know, I believe what you are telling me, Rocinante. I live not too far from D.C., and one of my neighbors works at NASA. His name is Steve, and he's a rocket scientist. He claims he's from Pensacola, and that he and his wife (who claims to be a *****Jewish***** lawyer originally from New York, aka JYC!!!) are both of French descent, and he says he's part Scottish too, with family in the U.S. dating back to the Revolution.

Which pretty much proves he's a Jewish Nazi Freemason. It's just like one a them people to make up a cover story like that to hide their *real* agenda on behalf of the Trilaterialists and the Belgians. Why the Belgians? Because we all know they are nearly as bad as the Dutch, and their "good beer and riding bicycles" thing is just an act to cover up their secret plans for world dominations. The E.U. is headquartered in Brussels, and Brussel Sprouts make your urine stinky. Coincidence? I think not. Now try to deny it. (If you do so successfully, you win a copy of American Conservative Magazine, and dinner with Professors Walt and Mearsheimer...)
Ah yes, the antisemites who dared to suggest that there is an Israel lobby in the United States. Soon we will have other antisemites suggesting that the sun rises in the East.
Yeah, anonymous. The Jews control the world, the mainstream left and the paleo right believe that, yet it's George Bush and Ehud Olmert who y'all label fascists and the reincarnation of Hitler himself. Riiiiigght. See, e.g., Famously Self-Deconstructing Arguments, sec. 1.1(a).
Like I've been saying, people with no arguments to make wind up throwing mud. That works for a while, but not forever. Look at our lying president. His accusations against his opponents have lost their effectiveness, because the American public is seeing through them.

Yeah, keep calling every critic of Israel an antisemite. See where it gets you in the end.
dear Lord, some people can't think straight.

I'll speak slowly and use small words:

Not every critic of Israel is an anti-Semite. Just the anti-Semitic ones. And the use of anti-Semitic tactics discredits their criticism and by association undermines the legitimate criticism of others.

Some proponents of Israel accuse all its' critics of anti-Semitism; it's not fair, but they couldn't do it if the shameful history anti-Semitism hadn't given them so much to work with.

Where does that leave us? As long as some critics of Israel cannot refrain from indulging in what Orwell called "the socialism of fools", it leaves Israel in a stronger position.
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