Saturday, September 02, 2006

Radio Shack story questioned 
A reader writes in regarding this post, in which I cite a news article that asserted that Radio Shack had laid off 400 employees by email.

As an Assistant Store Manager for Radio Shack, I can say that this article is unequivocally false. The employees were told they were being laid off in person earlier this week. They sent out a company wide email to the stores and the rest of the corporate offices explaining the reason for the layoff. Those people were in redundant positions and received a more than generous severance package. As it is sad to see anyone lose their job, it is sadder still that the main stream media see this as an opportunity to bring down an already struggling company.

The article states that the layoffs happened at headquarters, though not in the stores - and the company spokesperson doesn't deny it. So it's possible that this assistant manager is referring to a separate event.

In any event, nobody is talking about it on Vault.com.

...and Radio Shack can learn something from Home Depot.

UPDATE: Originally read "Office Depot" in error. Fixed now.

Thanks to a helpful commenter.


You have an "oops" - it's Home Depot, not Office Depot.
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