Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ignorance must be confronted 
...and either snuffed out immediately, or held up publicly to the clear daylight of reason so that it may be exposed.

And where the purveyors of ignorance cannot be swayed by reason, then they must be soundly ridiculed - so thoroughly and decisively, that such ridicule materially affects their chances of passing the dumbass gene to the next generation.

CounterColumn has acquired a regular commenter, "Anonymous" who has graduated to this lofty nadir, and so I am elevating his drooling, bigoted drivel to the main page, so that he or she may be exposed for the cretin he or she is:

An Israeli instant messaging company warned its clients about the WTC attacks two hours before the occurred. Not that it matters.

This is the modern-day equivalent of blood-libel - and is further evidence that when it comes to the idiot wing of the Democratic Party -- the moonbat followers of Cynthia McKinney and those of her ilk - all you have to do is scratch the surface, and out comes the howling, eyes-gauging, bigoted, racist hysteria that provides the jet fuel that powers the radical left's engines.

Go ahead, loser. Defend it if you can. But do it in public, on the main page, where we can see you for the pathetic, Jew-baiting cockroach you are.

Splash, out


Sorry, you lyin' bastard fucktard (words on your website), it was reported in Haaretz and in the Washington Post, and confirmed by Odigo, the company in question. You can apologize to me now, you wingnut liar.
Here's the link to the Washington Post's article, fucktard. Haaretz no longer publishes its archives (I wonder why!), so I can't find that one anymore. But Google and ye shall find. Liar.
Haaretz Daily
CEO Says Workers Warned Hours Before World Trade Center Hit -- FBI Investigating

Odigo, the instant messaging service, says that two of its workers received messages two hours before the Twin Towers attack on September 11 predicting the attack would happen, and the company has been cooperating with Israeli and American law enforcement, including the FBI, in trying to find the original sender of the message predicting the attack.
Hey Anon, the articles you linked say that the employees got the IMs from persons unknown, not the IM company.

So, what is it? Do you lack basic reading comprehension skills? Or are you, as Jason contends, a Jew-baiting cockroach who counts on people reading no farther than the headline?
What's the matter, Jason, cat got your tongue?
Yes, and in the comment section that Jason referred to, I corrected that. The fact remains that two employees of the the Israeli IM company got a two-hour warning. We don't know how many other people got a warning. No one else reported getting one, though.

But the two-hour warning was received, and by Odigo employees.
Don't expect rationality from idiots like mr. anonymous.

This might be difficult for you, anonymous, but try to use your brain for rational thinking processes. Two Odigo employees were warned. Those employees worked at company headquarters in Israel, NOT New York City. The warning came from someone they did not know. No one else in the company was warned, and the management weren't told about the warning until after the planes hit the towers (presumably because only then did the two realize it wasn't a prank.)

The fact that the company is Israeli has what to do with this? Nothing unless you're an antisemitic racist pig. The only significance of the company being Israeli is that "the Jooos must have known ahead of time because they were in on it."

You wouldn't even have written this if the company had been Russian - or Bulgarian - or Greek - or whatever.

Furthermore, we don't know the results of the investigation and we don't know the content of the warning. It is therefore impossible to draw any conclusions from the information other than that you are clearly antisemitic.
Oh, one other thing: Jason, the lying fucktard (or was that bastard? I'm never sure what words you use for anyone who disagrees with you) posted his lying accusation that I'm an antisemite about 45 minutes after I clarified things.

So I guess Jason's just another wingnut who doesn't have any problem with just haulin' out the ol' lyin' machine. Hey Jason, what about it? Does being a rightwingnut lying bastard fucktard mean never having to say you're sorry? Thought so.
antimedia, you just want to give anything Israeli a wild card. What should the employees have done? They should have immediately informed authorities. But they didn't. I wonder why not. Maybe for the same reason that Israel and its agents in the United States continue to spy on us: They're pursuing their interests, which have little to do with ours?
Correction - According to the original Haaretz article (http://www.rense.com/general51/workre.htm), Odigo is a US-based company headquarters in New York City with a R&D office in Israel. It's not clear where the two employees were located, according to the article, however the WaPo article places them in Israel at the R&D office.

So was Odigo (which was bought by Converse in 2002) even an Israeli company? It appears not! Guess that blows your racist theory all to hell, mr. anonymous.
More on Odigo here - http://www.ddh.nl/pipermail/wereldcrisis/2001-September/001203.html

"A provider of instant message services said two employees of the
firm received text messages warning of an attack on the United States
two hours before the terrorists struck. Avner Ronen, vice president
for strategic development at Odigo Inc., said that the warning was
"general, not specific" and that the sender of the instant message
was not known to the Odigo employees."

General, not specific. Not an Israeli company. It was started in Israel, but relocated to New York when its founder, Avner Ronen moved there. (He still lives there according to his Linked-In profile.)

Anonymous, your assumption that Odigo is working for the Israeli government is based on nothing except the rantings of conspiracy loonies. There's not a single shred of evidence that Odigo is anything more than a software company started by an Israeli.
Yup. HQ ion New York, R&D in Israel, and then they're bought by the world leader in telecom spying equipment, which is HQ'd in Israel. I'd say they were nominally "American" on 9/11.

By the way, why are you and Jason suddently acting as Israel's p.r. agents here? Curious.
Even better. Founded in Israel. Moved to N.Y., before being bought by the Israeli wiretapping equipment company. I'd say it's quite accurate to call Odigo an Israeli company. But anyway, why the big Israel p.r. thing here? As far as I'm concerned, Israel is a foreign country. How about for you?
And why is it "racist" to point fingers at Israel?
I don't know if he'll answer, but I sent a query to Avner Ronen. If he answers, I'll post it here.

It's racist to assume that a company founded by Israelis would be somehow secretly involved in 9/11 and warning their employees of an impending attack when there is NO evidence of that whatsoever.

You've bought the conspiracy theories hook, line and sinker without so much as a question as to the accuracy.

Are all the businesses in America secretly working with the CIA? Is everyone who lives in Langley, VA a CIA plant?

Is every American military vet a secret agent for the US government?

Because that's exactly what you're assuming about Ronen and Odigo.

As to the "Iraeli pr" crap, is everyone who attempts to determine the truth of a matter a pr person for the "side" they end up on after investigating?

Your thinking skills are sorely (and sadly) lacking.
One more thing. Whatever company bought Odigo well after 9/11 is completely irrelevant to what Odigo was or did on 9/11. It would be the same as saying that a company that defrauded the public and was bought six months later by a German company was obviously working for the Germans all along. It's much more likely that the Germans bought them because their value tanked after the revelations.

Converse bought Odigo because they were a good fit and were making money. The fact that Israeli individuals are involved in both companies has no relevance and is about as meaningful as saying Americans were involved in these two companies, therefore the US government must be behind them.

It's nonesensical.
This hardly sounds like "actionable intelligence" along the lines of "get out of the Twin Towers immediately".

Odigo: Instant Messages Warned Of Terrorist Attacks.(Brief Article)
191 words
1 October 2001
Israel Faxx
ISSN 1074-2255
Copyright 2001 Gale Group Inc. All rights reserved.

By Israel Faxx Staff

Two workers at New York-based instant massaging start-up Odigo received instant messages about two hours before the aerial attacks in two U.S cities.

Odigo, which has a satellite office in Israel, said employees there received pop-up text messages containing advance warning of the attacks but said the IMs did not mention the World Trade Center specifically, or any other targets.

The contents of the messages, including the Internet address of the sender, was given to FBI, Odigo spokesman Alex Diamandis said. "Without going into details, the message was most noteworthy due to the timing, not due to the substance of the 'warning.' It could easily be coincidence."

Diamandis said the employees who received the messages were not familiar with the sender. After the attacks, the employees notified Odigo management, who turned the information over to Israeli law enforcement authorities.

FULL TEXT Electronic World Communications, Inc. THIS IS THE FULL TEXT: COPYRIGHT 2001 Electronic World Communications, Inc.
What a bunch of bullshit. I'd like to know where this denunciation of me as antisemitic comes from. One more attempt by the neo-con lobby to stifle any expression in America that protrays Israelis as anything less than heroic.

Jason is a lying fucktard bastard (his website's words against anyone who disagrees with his far right-wing line) who is perfectly happy to smear anyone. He owes me an apology.

Oh, and he should start telling the truth about Israel and its spies, and about the U.S. fifth column called AIPAC. Or maybe Jason's loyalties lies elsewhere?
"The mistaken belief that a handful of unexplained anomalies can undermine a well-established theory lies at the heart of all conspiratorial thinking (as well as creationism, Holocaust denial and the various crank theories of physics)."
Oh, sorry:

"Fahrenheit 2777", Scientific American, June 2005.

(And the Wikipedia article on 9/11 conspiracies does a pretty thorough job of debunking the "Jews didn't go to work on 9/11" meme.)
"Oh, and he should start telling the truth about Israel and its spies, and about the U.S. fifth column called AIPAC. Or maybe Jason's loyalties lies elsewhere?"

That's mighty sad, even by your low standards, Anonymous. I'm starting to be ashamed I ever took you seriously.
sparcvark - is your handle a reference to the F111 in its' EW/ECM role?
Sorry, but AIPAC is a fifth column. People sometimes accuse them of having "dual loyalties," but I think that's misplaced. AIPAC has one loyalty: To a foreign country. As for Jason and the others who have called me an "antisemite," I think it's a legit question to ask which country they are loyal to.
Come on Jason, tell us more about yourself. Why the drum beating for Israel, and the phony accusation of antisemitism? Are you like Wolf Blitzer, the AIPAC plant as CNN?
Oops, wrote it wrong.

Are you like Wolf Blitzer, the AIPAC plant at CNN?
Yiddie Kay-yay, motherf***er. ;-)
Hey, it's awake.

And greetings, fellow lyin'- bastard-fucktard-wingnuts. What word from our masters, the Elders of Zion?
DAAAAAAYUM!!! As George Washington would say: "Layeth the smacketh down!" I wish they'd call out a couple commentors on blackfive out into the open like that. Great job, Sir!
Ah yes, when the lies have been disproven they fall back on what rightwingnuts crazies always fall back on: The content-free ad hominem attack. Come on, Jason, I conclusively refuted your charges, and asked you some questions.

Why won't you tell us why you've been playing the role of Israeli Spokesman? Are you Wolf Blitzer's brother? A staffer at AIPAC? What's the deal?
AIPAC is no different than the German American Bund of the 1930s. An incipient fifth-column movement with loyalties to a foreign power. It is time for AIPAC to be closely investigated for its lies to a foreign nation. It should register as a foreign agent, and its members should be scrutinized for their activities.

Time to find out who is American and who is not. At the very least, just for the symbolism, maybe AIPAC can stop singing the Israeli national anthem at its annual conventions. We're Americans. Right?
No, we're lyin'-bastard-fucktard-wingnut-puppets of the Joooooos! Yay!
Oy gevalt! He's on to us!
Is that sort of like the antisemite behind every treem, Jason? Fact is that the Israeli employees of the Israeli company got advance warning of the attacks of 9/11.

I'm waiting for your apology. Oh, and while you're at it, you can apologize for the lie about the dramatic reduction in deaths in Iraq. That was another fucktard lie of yours.
Wow, he is on to us. hope he doesn't know our secret zionist handshake.
Yeah, that's lovely, right there.

The neighbor down the street said that when her kid got like that once, lying on the floor screaming and kicking around in a three-year-old's tantrum, she dumped a cup of ice water on him.

Yeah, my neighbor's got some common sense.
the Israeli employees of the Israeli company got advance warning of the attacks of 9/11.

Yo, moron - they were in Israel at the time. Why, exactly, do you think the Mossad or the Elders of Zion or whoever would inform two random guys in Israel that New York and Washington were going to be attacked? What danger were they in from the diabolical Jewish plot that was about to be unleashed?
Sorry, but Israelis had advance knowledge. Maybe they should have stopped spying on the U.S. long enough to pass the word to the authorities. Unless they wanted it to happen, that is. And in fact, I believe it was either Sharon or Netanyahu who said it was good news. Maybe you can tell us which one of them?
Isn't it interesting how Mr. Anonymous protests so greatly at being characterized as anti-Semitic, and then proceeds to launch into (another) anti-Semitic tirade shortly afterwards?

Of course, that could just be the Zionist apologist & fifth-columnist in me bursting forth like in the famous scene from "Alien". That's how Jooooos reproduce, you know! Only most of the time they use Palestinian babies as hosts.
I'm not an antisemite. I regard Israel as a foreign country whose interests are often at odds with American interests. They're not the 51st state, and they shouldn't have a special call on American blood and treasure. I further think that AIPAC and the various neo-cons are foreign agents and should be exposed and investigated, just as the German American Bund was exposed and investigated in an earlier time.
Your rhetoric is poisonous and deceitful. You repeat and advance anti-Semitic myths and make comparisons implying that Israel is similar to Hitler's Germany. (Why not draw the comparison with any other foreign or ethnic lobby?) You are a troll, and nothing more.
What's so poisonous? The facts? Israelis has advance knowledge of the 911 attacks and didn't tell anyone. Israeli spies on the U.S. have caused very serious damage. AIPAC is an active fifth column with loyalties to a foreign nation.

And anyone who points out the obvious is called an antisemite. Well guess what? The more the truth is suppressed the more "antisemitism" you will see. One of these days there might even be real antisemitism, which would truly be tragic.
You know, it's kind of sad, Jason. I thought your site was good enough to get decent trolls, but all you get is Anonymous - who's practically a parody of the unmoored-from-reality left.

I thought at *least* they'd have something better than the "Joos control the country!" rant, but no. We even got the "what's your *real* name" accusation of possible Yiddishness. Admittedly, accusing Wolf Blitzer of being a secret agent of the Zionist conspiracy was pretty good crazy, but the rest is awfully disappointing.
Yeah, I know. I've had some good trolls before. This one's pretty weak. I wonder if I can get a trade-in?
Keep high-fiving each other, but the American public is on to the whole thing. It's ruthlessly suppressed in the media and the political system, but you can't bottle it up forever in this country. Just wait.
"And anyone who points out the obvious is called an antisemite."

Funny how "it" (whatever "it" may be) is only obvious to anti-semites...

And "just wait". That's what the nutters always say.

Somehow it never turns quite the way they're sure it will, but they're never wrong. It's just that it was "suppressed" and everyone else is duped.

I wish I was that special.
Anonymous, you know what your problem is? You can't convince reasonable people that lies are truth. Go to DU or Kos. They'll suck up your drivel like the unthinking morons that they are.

What lies, you say? This - "The facts? Israelis has advance knowledge of the 911 attacks and didn't tell anyone."

This is a lie. Two Israeli employees of one American company received a "general, non-specific warning" from a stranger. Just like the American media, who were reporting the attacks as they happened and were unsure what was happening and the CIA who had no clue until the planes hit the towers, these two Israelis attached no significance to the warning until after the attacks. Why? Because hindsight is always 20-20.

Now you can repeat this lie until you turn blue in the face, but no one here is going to buy it because we're capable of independent thought, unlike you. We don't think of two Israeli employees as proxies for the state of Israel any more than we see all Americans as proxies for the American government.
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