Monday, September 04, 2006

Eddie Van Halen: America's Rennaisance Man 
The man reinvented rock guitar at the age of 21. Then he bags Valerie Bertinelli, the cutest chick on TV.

Now he's reinventing himself as an artist.

Is there anything the man can't do?

Eddie Van Halen has teamed up with adult video director Michael Ninn to write and perform two songs for his upcoming Ninn Worx production, Sacred Sin. The rocker makes no excuses for his decision to work in the adult industry. "I'm working with a friend -- very simple," Van Halen told adult site AVN.com. "I like his work. Michael Ninn is like a Spielberg to me: the imagery, the way he makes things look, just...sensual."

The biggest thing I've learned as a musician over the years:

Vibrato: A technique more useful in bed than in music.

Splash, out


Eddie Van Halen - America's rennaisance man.

Is there nothing he can't do?

That reminds me of a trick I've heard of. Certain pieces of electronics are electromagnetically noisy, which means they'll make odd sounds if held in range of magnetic pickups. Obviously, this is where we get the idea of the eBow, as shown by Big Country's bagpipe-like guitar sound, but there are other personal electronic devices that are known for their effects on rock guitar. Items designed for her pleasure.

I don't know that this was ever a big EVH thing (I do know he's used cordless drills), but it was the first thing I thought of. Maybe I should've thought of overused wah pedals, but I thought of that.
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