Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Democratic Underground of the Military 
...And it is vile, indeed.

Here's a highlight from a military discussion board, from someone called lovebostonredsox79

This is from the article on military.com called "Army Recommends Death in Iraq Slayings"......"Lt. Col. James P. Daniel Jr. concluded that the slayings were premeditated and warranted the death sentence based on evidence he heard at an August hearing."

That LT COL has to have his head examined. How in the hell is he going to say that these AMERICAN SOLDIERS deserve the death penalty? If it was up to me I would give them an award. One less family of rag heads.

If you read the whole thing, you realize that this idiot is less coherent than he sounds even here.

You also realize that we have some awfully stupid people hanging out on military discussion forums.

Splash, out


That posting was typical of the military sites, which are permeated with far-right-wing crazies who lie at will.
As opposed to far-left-wing crazies who never lie, I suppose?
I’m surprised (but maybe I shouldn’t be) when the (American) Left complains about how full the military is of “right-wingers”.

The American Left purged the military from its’ elite educational institutions in the 60’s, for decades used news and entertainment outlets relentlessly against the military and (politically) treat the military as a jobs program and social-experiment laboratory.

Leftists don’t, generally speaking, join the military in significant numbers (for reasons I will leave others to elaborate – no stereotyping, please). The greater disparity between Left and Right in the officer corps than in the enlisted ranks increases this effect making the rightist element even more influential than its’ numbers.

Leftists, generally speaking, are also ferociously opposed to conscription as an intolerable form of coercion (except when the threat of a draft can be used as a club with which to threaten political opponents).

Whatever happened to “The Army is the Guardian of the Party”?

So: The American Left gave up what educational influence it had over the officer corps, have demonstrated a institutional hostility to military values and actions, effectively abandoned military issues as a serious public-policy pursuit and self-select not to participate or influence the institution from within.

It’s no wonder if the military leans to the right; the Left has abandoned it.

“The ultimate irony, perhaps, is that the conservatism of the military, so stridently criticized in liberal philosophy, acts as the very bulwark that ensures the continued adherence of the military to the concept of civilian control.” – Westerman, Edward B. Captain, USAF: “Contemporary Cviil-Military Relations: Is the Republic in Danger?”, Airpower Journal, Summer, 1995.

I'd be very interested in Jason's thoughts on the Left/Right divide in the U.S. military.
Jason, part of the problem leading to this kind of commentary is the piss-poor job the press has done accurately portraying LTC Daniel's recommendations. As the Article 32 officer, he found that there was sufficient evidence that the accused had committed the crimes charged to go to trial, and that there was sufficient evidence of aggravating factors to warrant the option of the death penalty as described by the UCMJ. Neither he, nor the Army, have recommended the soldiers be given the death penalty, merely that it be an option SHOULD THEY BE FOUND GUILTY.

The press - with its dearth of military experts - has portrayed this as LTC Daniel (or alternately the Army) saying they are guilty and should hang before a trial has been conducted or a panel even being convened. Don't blame left- or right- wingers too much for getting the analysis wrong if the facts are incorrectly reported to them.

As for LTC Daniel, I know him. He's a straight shooter and the 101st couldn't have selected a more fair guy to conduct the Article 32.
Here's another traitor Marine for the wingnut crazies to hate and drag through the mud.
To be clear, I wasn't casting any aspersions whatsoever on LTC Daniel. My criticism was limited to the author of the post. As far as I am concerned, LTC Daniel was acting properly.
Hey, seeing as how you love everything Israeli, how about contrasting Israel's coming inquiry about their disaster in Lebanon -- including street protests by members of the military reserves -- with the lock-step, stiff-armed kowtowing to the Scumbag in the White House seen here?

You could also talk about how Israelis do more debating about Israeli policies than Americans are permitted to do about Israeli policies, but that might be off the track.
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