Saturday, September 09, 2006

Army to hit 2006 recruitment goal 
Reuters has the goods.

In a big turnaround from a year ago, the U.S. Army will achieve its 2006 goal of 80,000 new soldiers despite lingering reluctance by some potential recruits to join amid the Iraq war, officials said on Friday.

Adding recruiters, sweetening enlistment bonuses, accepting older volunteers and even tolerating more tattoos helped the active-duty Army rebound from fiscal-year 2005 when it fell almost 7,000 recruits short of 80,000, officials said.

"We will make our 80,000 mission (for new recruits) for the fiscal year," said Maj. Gen. Sean Byrne, the Army's director of personnel management. Fiscal 2006 ends on September 30.

I've written here before, the number of new privates in my unit has exploded in recent months, after a slow 2005. It's fun to watch them come back after basic and AIT. They leave as high school kids. They come back as young men. It's one of the best rewards of military service I can think of.

Splash, out


The Army will meet its goal with a combination of bribes and looser standards for recruits and retention.
Actually, the standards for the Navy and Air Force are both quite a bit higher now, because they have so many eager recruits to pick from.

But, you can keep cherry-picking the news in order to justify your weird world-view. Hell, you don't even believe what you're saying enough to put a name in front of it.
Funny thing is that the Navy and the Air Force aren't fighting in Iraq in any significant numbers. It's the Army and Marine Corps doing the heavy lifting, and as a result they've had to reduce standards and pay bribes.

Oh, you want a name? Okay.
So if someone offers you a raise, do YOU call it a bribe?

Or does it only count when it's awarded to our soldiers (who probably work alot harder for their money than you do).

Clever, a play on MY name. You have really impressed me now.
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