Sunday, July 09, 2006

Recognize our Pagan Warriors 
From Christianity Today

by refusing to place the Wiccan symbol on Sgt. Stewart's memorial plaque, while permitting symbols of other religions and non-religions, the government is clearly engaging in viewpoint discrimination—which is a shoddy way to treat someone who has died in service to his country.

I agree. I've known a number of Wiccans who have worn our country's uniform over the years. Most of them are pretty low-key about it. I'm sure they'd rather not deal with the Christian proselytizers in the ranks. (Hell, I'm a Christian, and I don't blame them!)

I don't read Christianity Today often. When I do, it never fails to impress.

I want our wate Wiccan warriors weckognized within a week.

Splash, out


(Via BlackFive)

This is one area in which Christians have been markedly unchristian.

I'm a Catholic, and I can't say I'm all that keen on the whole Wiccan "thing". But, the lengths to which Christians will go to disrespect other religions sometimes borders on heresy. In matters such as honoring the dead, who cares what religion a Servicemember practiced in life?

I hope the VA gets on the correct side of this issue. This is the kind of thing that is used to beat both the military and Christianity over the head. And Christians are handing their critics the bat with which to do it.
You guys familiar with the Lord's First General Order?


In short, Christians not only are not required to "respect" other religions (including the non-fruity ones as well as Wicca) but they are actively required not to tolerate "other viewpoints". This is the first and most fundamental tenet of their faith! Calling Christians "heretics" for disrespecting other religions is simply nuts.

How the government treats all religions is another issue entirely, of course. I am sure there are many thousands of different faith groups... does the government have to come up with a symbol for every single one?
Yes, I'm well acquainted with the Lord's First General Order.

As well as the rest of the Bible.

You don't seem to understand what it means. Christians are instructed to let their light shine before men.

Acting like dicks toward our honored dead - the dead who gave their lives for your liberty to practice Christianity freely, incidentally - don't exactly qualify.

Christians are also instructed to respect the laws of the land - one of which requires that congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion.

There is a place for spreading the good news, as it were.

This isn't it.

Have a little decency.
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