Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Great financial advice 
Third-hand, but from a respected source:

Recently, a client had an unusual and refreshing spin on this inquiry, and she really caused me to think - and feel.

That client asked me for the last advice that I'd impart to her - if I were on my deathbed. She said that in constructing her estate plan, we'd start with that most important advice, and then work from there. In other words, she was asking me for the nuggets of advice which I would consider so important that I would expend my final breaths on that advice-My "last best" advice.

Wow! I had to think about that carefully.

The last advice that I would give? Ever?

I wouldn't really have the luxury of time in which to give my final advice (I'm dying after all). I only have about 2500 or so words to spare here.

Final words?

Here goes.


Much more. A must read for anyone who heads, or is a member of, a family. Which is most of us.

Splash, out


You need to be a user of the site to see it, can you link the article without having to answer a lot of questions I really do not want to answer?

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